Anna Marie Shrimp owner and shrimper Lance Nacio grew up in Lafourche Parish, about an hour outside New Orleans. His family, like others on the bayou, made a living from the land. They shrimped, trapped, and grew much of what they ate in their own backyard.

“My great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all supported their families by hunting and fishing along the fertile coast of Terrebonne Parish. It's a tradition that I carry on.”

Since 1998, Lance has captained the the F/V Anna Marie (named for his daughters), a 55 foot vessel large enough to sustain rough weather and a carry sizable haul; while small enough to keep diesel costs down. It’s this kind of inventive cost-conscious thinking that has kept Anna Marie Shrimp in business through some very difficult times.

Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and the BP oil spill all took a devastating toll on family-run fisheries. The aftermath resulted in low-cost loans for local fishermen. Lance used the opportunity to take a risk and invest in on-board freezers. The equipment, which freezes seafood almost instantly on large aluminum plates, had long been used in the big commercial fisheries in Alaska and Canada, but it had never been used in the shrimp industry. Other investments in the F/V Anna Marie included wider mesh nets and modified turtle excluder devices; meeting our commitment to environmentally responsible fishing methods.

Anna Marie Shrimp is building a legacy where tradition meets innovation. The result is leadership which will improve fishing practices, freshness standards, and wildlife sustainability. We believe our efforts will directly help to ensure that Louisiana shrimp will thrive for the next generations of fishermen. Shrimp is not just our industry-it’s a way of life. Anna Marie Shrimp, where the best tasting shrimp is — Born free. Caught wild. Delivered fresh.

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