Warm-water shrimp are known and loved for having a thick and hearty appearance which also allows them to absorb flavors and spices. As with all of our fishing and shrimping, we produce an annual crop that's dependent upon mother nature's cycles.

We let the environment dictate the size of the crop, which depends on factors such as annual rainfall, water temperature and salinity, storms, and more! Our business stays in harmony with nature by never adding any extra fishing pressure. Our catch is what is given. In this way, we can ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the bounty of the sea!

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports that 80 percent of fisheries are depleted, overfished, or recovering from depletion. Furthermore, poor fish farming practices are polluting our oceans and altering the ecosystem. With both population and seafood popularity on the rise, it’s more vital than ever that sustainable fishing practices are followed. In order to ensure wild-caught seafood will be available for generations to come, steps towards protection must be taken and fish farmers must be held accountable to more sustainable practices.

 At Anna Marie Shrimp, we are committed to not only sustainable fishing but also remaining an industry leader in sustainable standards. We work alongside organizations like the Ocean Conservancy to reduce bycatch in an industry that traditionally catches four pounds of bycatch for every pound of shrimp. "If there are fish, we move out. Most fishermen want to catch good clean shrimp, because it's both sustainable and a lot less work since they don't have to sort through piles of fish to pick out shrimp,” explains owner Lance Nacio. Bycatch is typically 15% or less through our careful and intentional fishing practices.

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