We believe that you need technology to create quality. While many of our fellow shrimpers have been decimated by rising fuel and boat repair costs, diminished domestic catches, and destructive hurricanes, we have succeeded by applying innovation to the challenge of delivering freshness to our customers.

 Unlike most shrimp vessels, the F/V Anna Marie has a freezer onboard—giving our customers something that is as close to straight out of the water as possible. The improvement in taste, compared to the typical dockside freezing, is unprecedented. The shrimp taste like they were never frozen. The flash freezing also preserves the kaleidoscopic colors of the shrimp leaving you with over-the-top quality and tremendously good-looking shrimp when they’re thawed.

 The live shrimp are mechanically graded and chilled in 34°F seawater. They are weighed, bagged, and boxed, and loaded into the 45°F deck freezer aboard the F/V Anna Marie to be quick-frozen, suspended in their natural state, and often still alive. Once on shore, they're stored at 10°F and ready for delivery. This waterless, flash-freeze process allows Anna Marie Shrimp to provide "capture quality" shrimp to our customers.


With flash-frozen shrimp, taste and texture-degrading enzymes do not have a chance to affect the shrimp quality, as they do during traditional freezing methods or uncontrolled temperature fluctuations.

Because we freeze within one hour of capture, Anna Marie Shrimp taste and look fresher than shrimp that are kept on ice for hours or days before reaching the dock.

No brine is used in our freeze process, which makes it a lot easier to peel your defrosted or cooked shrimp. Anna Marie Shrimp can go quickly from frozen package to boiling pot, for a great tasting Louisiana shrimp meal in minutes.

 Since Anna Marie Shrimp are frozen without water, you can thaw them by running them under water for only as long as necessary to separate the individual shrimp.

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